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Air traffic enables the progressive development of our globally interlinked civilisation. The spectrum reaches from passenger transportation to special missions, from hub-and-spoke flights to point-topoint connections, from mass transportation to individual transfers, from self-organising expressways to free flight with onboard separation, from manned to unmanned aircraft, from homogeneous to mixed traffic, from slow flight to supersonic missions, from large aircraft to miniature drones.

This wide span of development tasks under the needs for increased safety and security, improved ecological compatibility, increased flexibility and higher reliability requires dedicating enormous efforts to research and technology.

At the centre of this endeavour stands Aerospace Systems, opening up new dimensions: from standalone to complex and highly integrated systems, from "don't touch" to safety critical plug & play applications, from stringently designed to self-organising, from maintained to self-restoring, from automatic to autonomous systems, from controlled air traffic systems to self-organising air traffic.

In close cooperation with our industry partners, we are prepared to join our forces to make our contribution in shaping the future of aviation.

By transferring our expertise and knowledge to young people, we ensure the most valuable future resource: a highly educated and motivated new generation of creative engineers.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Frank Thielecke
Jun. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Björn Annighöfer

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