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Prof. Dr.- Ing. habil. Hartmut Fricke

To be part of the modern traffic industry. the aviation sector needs innovative and user oriented solutions in key areas, such as airport process management or flight safety. Hence, the chair of air Air Transport and Logistics cooperates closely with national and international partners, in order to manage practice-oriented research projects, considering the essential theoretical fundamentals. Confine relationships to Central and East European Cooperation (CEEC) as well as to US-European ATM seminar allows for a successful cooperation with the EUROCONTROL in Paris and Brussels as well as with American associations like FAA, NASA, MITRE, and universities. National research projects with industry partners such as Fraport, DFS, Lufthansa and Airbus are in the focus of the activities as well as the cooperation with public authorities like BMWI or BMVBS. EQUIPMENT

  • On-board ground simulation environment A320 FMGS part task trainer (FMS 2) with innovative Ground Roll Navigation Display and MCDU
  • ATC simulation environment (controller position) for Ground, Tower Applications and En-Route Sectors
  • Experimental Air Ground data link application
  • Emulation models of passenger behaviour, interaction scheme analyses between persons and objects in complex airport terminal environments
  • Quantitative risk Assessment techniques of air traffic operations at airports

A320 FMGS Part Trainer

Boardnavigation für die Rollphase

Terminal Operations