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Prof. Dr.- Ing. Robert Luckner

The department investigates the elastic aircraft including the pilot as well as flight control and guidance systems from the perspective of flight physics and aircraft systems. The flight physical characteristics of the aeroplane and the pilot behaviour are analysed and modelled; control functions for manual, automatic and autonomous flight are designed, embedded in flight control systems and tested in simulators and in flight. The necessary theory and methods are taught in lectures and improved in research. To investigate the interaction between human pilot, aeroplane and flight guidance and control systems, various flight simulators are available.
One of the current research projects addressed the development of flight control function and software for the utility aircraft Stemme S15 in the technology project LAPAZ that is sponsered by BMWI.

A330/340 Full-Flight Simulator ©ZFB

Utility Aircraft Stemme S15 ©Stemme