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Our research activities are focused on Guidance, Navigation & Control and Mission Planning for aerospace systems

  • GN&C of Dynamic Platforms
  • Remote Sensing Systems
    • Tightly Coupled D-GNNS/INS Trajectory Smoothers
    • Precise Point Positioning (PPP)
  • "AirQuad" Reconnaissance MAV Platform
    • Adaptive Waypoint Mission Planning
    • Ladar based Obstacle Detection
    • Autonomous Vision Aided Flight
    • Object Tracking and Geolocalisation
    • Teaming of MAV and Unmanned Ground Vehicles (UGV)
    • Vision Based Indoor Navigation
  • "IndoorGuide" Multisensor Positioning and Guidance System
    • Vision/Ladar based Simultaneous Location and Mapping (SLAM)
    • Map Aided Particle Filter-Localisation
    • Datafusion of Cooperative SLAM Systems
    • Teaming Intruders


Terrain Aided Navigation