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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Manfred Hajek

The Institute for Helicopter Technology at the Technische Universität München has chosen the helicopter, viewed as an overall system, as major focus in education and research.

The principals of mechanics, thermodynamics, aerodynamics as well as control theory are combined with the system related disciplines of aerospace engineering though establishing the basic knowledge. Based upon this knowledge, the principals of helicopter design and architecture, the systems engineering tasks and the verification and certification process are the key elements for our students' education.

The design and realization of a helicopter raises special requirements in terms of highly interdisciplinary work. The helicopters flight physics are characterized by the interconnection of flight mechanics, aerodynamic phenomena and unsteady effects. In order to achieve the missions objectives, modern helicopters are equipped with a high number of complex systems, pushing the controllability of the helicopter up to its stability limits, decrease vibrations and assist the pilot during flight in difficult visual flight conditions.

The institute's facilities comprise a cluster computing network with several rotor simulation programs and an avionic simulator for IFR flights. Furthermore a research simulator for low level and obstacle near scenario simulation is currently under development.