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Prof. Dr.- Ing. Uwe Klingauf

The applied research of the institute focuses on the mission and flight safety critical systems of the aircraft with special emphasis on human centered systems analysis. Research goals are to improve safety and efficiency of the air transportation system and also to decrease its environmental impact. The institute has pioneered concepts for Synthetic Vision Systems in order to improve the situational awareness of the pilots, which are now in common use. Current activities include:

  • pilot assistance and safety net for advanced surface movement guidance,
  • cooperative Air Traffic Management to increase efficiency and flexibility of air space utilization,
  • processes and standards for the distribution of safety critical aviation data (e.g. digital NOTAMs),
  • flight guidance and control of autonomous, cooperating Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs),
  • flight simulation, flight trials and human factors analyses.
The institute maintains manifold cooperation with national and international research organisations and industrial partners.

Primary Flight Display with Synthetic Vision